Maredsous is one of the few who still matures the cheese in its caves. The taste and the creaminess of the cheese are made possible since many years thanks to a unique and traditional maturation process, and more particularly to a typical flora in the caves of Maredsous.

The ecosystem in the cave

Our caves have their own atmosphere: their regular temperature (12°C) and their air loaded with humidity (95%) help to create a typical flora. In order to prevent the flora to be infected, the caves are not open to the public.

A unique maturation process

Each piece is carefully washed by hand with spring water. First, the master refiner washes the oldest cheeses. As he goes along washing, the water absorbs the flora in the caves and on the oldest cheeses. Then, it is reused to wash the youngest ones.

Spring water is drawn from 90 meters under the caves.

Authentic cheese

The specific flora and the manual maturation in the caves give each cheese its unique character, its orange rind, and its typical and creamy flavor.

Constant attention

A « Jury d’analyse sensorielle » (sensory analysis jury) has been established.

This jury is made up of several masters refiner and guarantees the authentic taste of Maredsous cheese.

Sometimes, the jury even tastes products in the store shelves

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