Souvenir shop and bookshop

The bookshop is located in the right aisle of the building. There, you will find a large choice of religious articles:

  • Medals, statues, icons, novena candles …
  • Quality craft industry: Maredsous ceramic …
  • Gifts as souvenirs: gastronomic food …
  • And many other things …

The ceramic made in the art workshop of the Abbey (engraved tankards and bowls) is also available there, next to a well-stocked range of postcards and a large choice of gift articles, souvenirs, collection items, jewelry creations, educative games …

We are at your service, feel free to contact us for any request at 082/ 698 282

Our bookshop

Our bookshop has got:

  • A large choice of religious books: bible, liturgy, theology, catechesis, prayers, philosophy;
  • A large range of secular books regarding health, practice, history, tourism, psychology, nature and hiking;
  • A wide selection of CDs: Gregorian chants, liturgy, catechesis and classical music;
  • A big stock of postcards for all circumstances.

We are partners with « Centre Diocésain de Documentation de Namur » (Diocesan center of documentation of Namur).

You cannot find what you are looking for? We are at your service, feel free to contact us for any request at 082/ 698 282.


Opened all year, except for January the 1st

From Monday to Friday

Opened from 10 o’clock until 18 o’clock (19 o’clock during summertime).

On Saturday and on Sunday

Opened froçm 10 o’clock until 19 o’clock.

During the summer holidays (July and August)

Opened every day from 10 o’clock until 19 o’clock.

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